Preventative Maintenance Program

Techmaster Electronics Test Equipment Preventative Maintenance Program

A primary aspect of the repair service offered by Techmaster Electronics is our preventative maintenance program where each piece of equipment undergoes a performance review. This entails the research of applicable manufacturer TSNs (Technical Service Notes), and ECOs (Engineering Change Orders). There are instances where the manufacturer has identified a problem with the equipment, and has determined a corrective course of action. The course of action is made available to engineers and technicians in the field through TSNs, and ECOs. We install the correct parts and/or make the stated adjustments to bring the equipment to nominal operating condition.

Additional Aspects of Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Include

Power Supplies

Most power supplies are built with the use of electrolytic capacitors. The life span of these capacitors, depending upon use and temperature, is about 7 to 10 years. When the capacitors become misshapen or discolored, they are about to fail and they will need to be replaced. High power FETs and Transistors become discolored when they have drawn too much current and the power. A supply will have to be measured for accuracy and ripple if this occurs.

High Use Mechanical Parts

The most common high use mechanical parts are fans, hard contact switches, rheostats, and mechanical attenuators. These modules have moving parts that wear down over age, and may need to be replaced even though they appear to be having no issues.

Display Systems

Many older units use CRTs (TV Tubes) as there display medium. These become unstable and dim as they get older. They will sometimes need manual adjustment to their drivers and high voltage supplies or be replaced with a new LCD Display.

Internal Adjustments and DAC Settings

Most units have internal circuits that require adjustments to remain nominal. While a unit may pass calibration without adjustments, it may be close to be out of tolerance, and if it drifts, the unit will no longer give precise measurements. The most common boards that require alignments include that need maintenance are; Crystal Time Bases, YIG Oscillator based circuits, and Power/Amplitude specific modules.

Simply put, when Techmaster Electronics repairs an item, our goal is to not see it again – we want to hear that it is operational and supporting your needs…part of the Techmaster Electronics Advantage.

You can also see our Repair Process.

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