Assets Assurance Program

Techmaster Electronics Assets Assurance Program

Techmaster Electronics provides two programs specifically designed for Test Equipment Brokers and Dealers.

Refurbishment Services

Complete refurbishment of your instruments to ‘like new’ condition (cosmetically, aesthetically and operationally) and back your customer warranty for a period of one full year.

Asset Assurance Plan

Obtain peace of mind with the sale of your Test Equipment and have us back your warranty with our comprehensive and reasonably priced plan.

What is required to receive our Refurbishment Services and Asset Assurance Plan?

  • Contact your Techmaster Representative to provide an Asset Assurance Quote for your unit.
  • Obtain an initial NIST traceable ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited calibration of your unit which includes full PM (Preventative Maintenance), that includes minor parts replacement (batteries, fuses, noisy fans, etc.) firmware upgrades and full alignment as necessary.

Here’s what is covered:

  • Techmaster will back your warranty for repairs (parts and labor) for a plan period of one to three years
  • Technical phone support
  • Annual calibration (for multi-year plans)

You can be confident that Techmaster Electronics is your best choice for refurbished electronic test equipment repair, calibration, sales and maintenance!

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